Imagined threats – we are on high alert
What is the small flame of longing in our dreams?
One of my favourite instructions may be helpful
in uncovering the mystery:
you imagine how you will feel when a desired outcome is achieved
Be it a safe arrival, a joyful reunion, or just getting what you want…
Be in the moment of appreciation and gratitude,
taking time to taste and absorb the beauty of the end of tension and strain.
Then, let it go, and trust that the universe will deliver this response
at a later date.
If you don’t like how it’s unfolding, be wary:
this “blip” is quite possibly one of the necessary steps in arriving at the desired result,
the happy place.

This is trust. This is faith. This is shraddha.

Shraddha sigil
Shraddha sigil by Catherine Guest

Falling into loving arms, we surrender.
We rest so we can perceive which way the energy wants to go, and know:
“I am worth my feelings of abundance arising from this silent place.”

We are asked to imagine “Soul”, not as a thing but as a perspective:
Our “personal soul” is our vital principle, our animating force;
“Collective Soul” is what we surrender to, what we fall into the arms of…

 The collective soul is the spirit of all possibilities
We make up stories about anything we can think of,
Daring to dream,
because that’s the way we can experience infinity
which is not in time, and
is synchronistic, and silent

We are told that every act of creation has a vibratory signature behind it
Our offerings create oscillating signals which are noticed by those who carry
a similar resonance
We ask – what is my vibratory signature? How can I ‘hear’ it?
The wisdom: Practice listening as if the quality of our listening is being heard.
You may feel your heart open to invitational presence, and become softer:
our first glimmer of what boundless means.
Enlightenment is a slow process of shining the light of consciousness
onto the rejected, forgotten, and denied places within.
These are someone else’s words, but they ring true

Stories of creation – how we came to be, show us that
every one of us is epitomized in myth.
All sizes, shapes, colours – one of us overcame.
One of us made a difference – inspiring millions of us to believe it’s possible
No matter what – lowest of the low, highest of the high –
emergence, transcendence, illumination is not a myth, not a story.
It is our destiny.

When we heal an ancestral pattern, we are healing backwards through time,
liberating all those souls who were left unresolved, unforgiven, and misunderstood.
Rumi’s teacher, Tabrizi, said: “We can find ourselves only in someone else’s mirror.”
Deepak says we must have our foundations in place or spiritual enlightenment
cannot truly manifest. Good food, good air, good community, good love
Balance. Harmony.

 We embrace the yin and the yang because both are necessary.
Masculine values enable us to perceive a goal, and work with fidelity towards it
To be disciplined, and devote ourselves to something we love

On our feminine side, we have the intelligence of feelings,
and know the necessity of ceremony and rites of passage
Teaching, listening, being witnessed, body wisdom, and
strength of vulnerability: these are the traits that the world needs us to step into

Belonging is a skill, and needs practice
How to do it (these are from Toko-pa):

  • Tender your devotion – make a commitment;
  • Make things by hand;
  • Create “beauty medicine”;
  • Step into being seen without being caught in the ‘doubt loop’,
    honouring the guardians of vulnerability;
  • Think of your life as an offering.

Create your own story or it will get created for you.
Then surrender it to the collective soul.

Catherine Guest, March 2020

Note: Many are these ideas are direct concepts from:
Belonging; Remembering Ourselves Home by Toko-pa Turner
Radical Well-Being, an on-line course by Deepak Chopra
Alchemy of the Heart by Michael Brown
The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge
The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali
and continuing Sanskrit study with Lucy Crisfield

Apologies to the authors who, by taking any of their ideas out of context and digesting them with my own, may feel I have misrepresented their intended message. CG


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